Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best Posts Over The Past Year

I started my Finance and Investments blog on November 8, 2005. I have posted 77 times since then, discussing a number of topics primarily focusing on stock market investing (including tracking a model portfolio), basic coin collecting, and general personal finance issues. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year:

Best posts relating to Stock Market Investing:
(1) Selling stocks short
(2) Historical Dividends for the S&P 500
(3) The "FED Model" theory of equity valuation
(4) The MSCI EAFE index is the "S&P 500" of foreign stocks
(5) Small Cap Value stocks outperform Large Cap Growth stocks
(6) "Periodic Table" of Equity Style Investment Returns for 1986-2005
(7) Investing In Growth Stocks Is Not For The Faint Of Heart
(8) Criticisms of Dollar-Cost Averaging Investment Strategies Are Unjustified
(9) Stock Market Styles Are Very Cyclical
(10) Think Twice Before Investing In Companies That Manufacture Memory Devices Or Other Electronic "Commodities"
(11) The Templeton Russia & East European Fund
(12) Closed-end funds are the best way for the common man to invest in Russia and India
(13) Wal-Mart's Stock Valuation Looks Compelling

Best posts relating to Coin Collecting:
(1) Save Your Pre-1982 Pennies
(2) With Commodities Are Soaring, I am Saving Nickels and Pre-1982 Pennies
(3) I'm Still Saving U.S. Nickel Coins

Best posts relating to Miscellaneous Personal Finance Issues:
(1) "Revolt of the Fairly Rich"
(2) Robert Kiyosaki Has Written Another Flimsy Article For Yahoo Finance
(3) Everbank Provides An Easy Way To Speculate In Foreign Currency And Precious Metals

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