Friday, October 27, 2006

"Revolt of the Fairly Rich"

Fortune magazine has an interesting article on its websiste regarding entitled "Revolt of the Fairly Rich." This article exposes alleged economic resentment between between people at the lower end of the upper 1% of the weathiest people in the U.S. versus those at the high end of the upper 1%.

According to Fortune some of the "lower uppers" are doctors, accountants, engineers, and lawyers, and these successful people work very hard are are somewhat jealous of the "high uppers" who are perceived as sometimes making 10 times as much money without working 10 times as hard as do they.

I personally think that this alleged resentment is overblown. It is true that some of those professionals who are lower uppers are jealous to a certain extent that people at the high end make so much more money. However, I don't see an impending revolt anytime soon. Many professionals are in highly competitive and stressful businesses/industries and they often feel as though they are not being paid what they are worth. Even though they might not be making as much as the person next door, they certainly must realize that in the grand scheme of things they do have it pretty good.

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