Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Everbank Provides An Easy Way To Speculate In Foreign Currency And Precious Metals

I just discovered Everbank, a bank that allows investors to easily invest in foreign currency and precious metals. They offer CDs and deposit accounts in foreign currencies that will appreciate in value if the U.S. dollar depreciates. Everbank also offers a "DollarBull" CD that will increase in value if the U.S. dollar rises against selected foreign currencies.

One of their most interesting offerings is their "MarketSafe" Gold Bullion CD. This is a great offer because if gold rises over the five year holding period, the investor will get back the original principal plus the value of the increase in the price of gold. But the investor is also protected if gold falls in price and will still get back the original principal in the event of a decline in the price of gold.

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frugal said...

Yes, I think everbank is one of the safest way to bet your money in multiple currency. I didn't open an account because of the foreign currency conversion fee. I had an account at which allows me to do the same bets, except with 400X more leverage. But with multiplier like that, it was simply too scary for me. I didn't do much transactions there, and end up closing the account.