Saturday, November 17, 2007

Best Posts Over The Past Year (2006-2007)

I started my Finance and Investments blog on November 8, 2005. I have posted 118 times since then, including 41 times during the past year, discussing a number of topics primarily focusing on stock market investing (including tracking a model portfolio), basic coin collecting, and general personal finance issues. Here are some of my favorite posts from 11/2006 - 11/2007:

Best posts relating to Stock Market Investing:
(1) 1980 - 2006 Stock Market Returns for Various Indices
(2) The First BRIC ETF Was Launched In September
(3) How To Construct a BRIC-Tracking Portfolio
(4) Barclays Offers the Only Indian Stock Market ETF
(5) The First Russian Stock ETF Was Launched In April
(6) S&P 500 Dividends (Updated through January 2007)
(7) Historical Earnings and P/E Ratios for the S&P 500 Index

Best posts relating to Coin Collecting:
(1) How to Collect Pre-1982 Pennies and Nickels
(2) New Designs For The U.S. Penny Will Be Introduced In 2009 To Commemorate Lincoln's 200th Birthday
(3) The U.S. Mint Is Implementing A New Rule Abolishing the Melting of Pennies and Nickels
(4) The Melt Value of U.S. Nickel Coins Is Still Increasing

Best posts relating to Miscellaneous Personal Finance Issues:
(1) The Motley Fool Has Lost A Lot Of Credibility Over the Past Few Years
(2) The iShares Emerging Markets ETF Does a Poor Job of Tracking the MSCI Emerging Markets Index
(3) Emigrant Direct Has Onerous Money Transfer Rules

*** See also: Best posts from 11/2005 - 11/2006

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