Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Great new real estate website

Many of the people out there who have substantial or rapidly growing stock portfolios probably also own real estate. I personally bought my first property last year. In my opinion, one of the important things to do before making a bid on a home is to do a little research on the prices for which comparable homes have been selling.

As luck would have it, a fantistic new real estate website was released recently. I found out about it a week ago and have used it several times. The name of the website is Zillow.com, and it provides estimates of a home's value as well as esitmates of nearby comparable homes. It also lists the square footage of homes, the most recent property tax bills, and the date and amount of the most recent sale (if within the past 5 or 10 years). There are also maps and charts of the average value of the home over the previous 5-10 years and the average value of all homes in the same zip code over the same time period.

I highly recommend Zillow.com to anyone looking to purchase a home anytime soon.

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