Friday, November 09, 2007

The Evolution of the Russian Stock Market From 1995-2005

Russia is one of my favorite emerging markets and its stock market has delivered incredible stock market returns over the past few years. In research the Russian stock market, I recently discovered an interesting paper analyzing the evolution of the Russian stock market, and its associated risk factors, during the period from 1995 and 2005.

Here is a hot link to a .pdf of the article: Risks of investing in the Russian stock market: Lessons of the first decade

This is the abstract for the paper:
The modern history of the Russian stock market has mirrored ups and downs of the country’s transition as well as swings in investor perceptions. In this paper, we describe the evolution of the Russian stock market over its first decade, with particular attention to the risk factors driving stock returns. First, we analyze the development of the institutional infrastructure and dynamics of the market’s size and liquidity measured by the number of listed and traded stocks, depositary receipts and IPOs as well as trading volume in the local stock exchanges and abroad. Then, we examine major political and economic events, which influenced the investor perceptions of the country risk and were reflected in stock prices. Finally, we carry out quantitative analysis of risk factors explaining considerable time and cross-sectional variation in Russian stock returns. We document a significant role of corporate governance, political risk, and macroeconomic risk factors, such as global equity markets performance, oil prices, and exchange rates, whose relative importance varied a lot over time.

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